10 Winter Superfoods Easily Found In India That You Should Eat To Stay Healthy

10 Winter Superfoods Easily Found In India That You Should Eat To Stay Healthy

14th January 2019 Off By tellybeats

Winters knock on our doors with sweet pleasures. Staying in a cosy blanket and sipping hot chocolate all day long is how we imagine it. While we all get excited to wear our favourite hats, coats and sweaters again, there is one thing that none of us likes about the winter season and that is the harsh winds. They can do a lot of harm to our skin and hair. These winds can stripe your skin of moisture, leaving it dull and cracked. They do the same to your hair!

If you want to maintain your shiny locks and supple skin during the winter season, then you should start consuming some winter special superfoods on a daily basis. Superfoods are packed with the essential vitamins and nutrients in a good quantity that can protect your hair and skin in winters. So check out what are those power-packed foods that you need to eat during winters.

1. Carrot

carrot juice

Carrots are everyone’s go-to vegetable during the winter season. We all love carrot soup and juice, don’t we? These are rich in carotenoids, vitamins A and C. Together these things can heal your skin from within. You don’t have to worry about dry, cracked and patchy skin if you add carrots to your daily diet.

2. Beetroot


If you want some naturally blushing cheeks, then you should eat some beets. Beetroot is rich in folate which prevents your skin from ageing. Its natural dark pigment will provide support to your skin and keep it glowing during the winter season.

3. Spinach


As the rule of the thumb, the greener the better! Spinach can cure acne and the vitamin C present in it promotes the growth of skin cells which stops the harsh winter winds from stealing your glow. Spinach is also great for increasing hair growth.

4. Broccoli


Broccoli is a wonder vegetable. It might not be rich in natural oils but it promotes the body to produce some essential oils that fasten the hair growth and keep them strong. If you think that winter breeze makes your hair brittle, then you have to eat broccoli.

5. Red Capsicum

bell pepper

A slight deficiency of vitamin C can cause huge problems to your skin. Luckily, we have red bell peppers which are loaded with it. It promotes the production of collagen in the body which protects human skin in every adversity. Collagen also prevents brittle and dull hair.

6. Avocado


Avocados are rich in fat but they will not lead to weight gain. They have a high content on monosaturated fats which your body can easily digest. These fats will keep your skin moisturised from within so that you don’t have to apply those store-bought moisturisers throughout the day.

7. Orange


Citrus fruits are known to combat free radicals that can make your skin better and hair stronger. Oranges are available in abundance during the winter season and you should take full advantage of that. If you wish to breathe life into your dull hair and skin then have an orange daily.

8. Pomegranate


One should eat pomegranate irrespective of the season. It is the king of the superfoods. It is flushed with anti-oxidants and helps to hydrate the dry skin. Not only this, pomegranate works on stubborn pimples by increasing the white blood cell count in the body.

9. Indian Gooseberry


Indian gooseberry (Amla) is packed with Vitamin C which you need in abundance to not just boost your immunity but also for better skin and hair. Amla makes your hair unbelievably stronger and better. If you find it difficult to eat raw amla then you can add it to your juice or soup.

10. White Sesame Seeds

sesame seeds

White sesame seeds can be found in almost all the winter sweets and there is a good reason for that. The natural oil present in these seeds keeps you warm during this season. It also nourishes your skin so that it doesn’t chap or crack when the cold winds blow.

These winter special superfoods are not hard to find. You can get them from your local vendor without toying with your budget. You would be amazed to see how much our diet affects our skin and hair. These superfoods should be on your grocery list throughout the winter season.